4 Technologies in Animes Desired Most

Technology is the sign of advanced development, and it is the outcome of fantasy. A significant representative of fantasy in daily life nowadays is anime. The technologies in many animes or cartoons are so attractive that people would like them to be real. Here I will introduce 4 technologies in animes that are most desired. Continue reading “4 Technologies in Animes Desired Most”


Software Thanksgiving Giveaways 2015

Black Friday and Thanksgiving is coming. A lot of online retailers like Amazon or Walmart have already released their Black Friday sales and deals. Likewise, many software providers take this chance to promote their products with discount or giveaway events. 

Here lists some software giveaway events which are able to get shareware free. Though some of them are only provided with no update policy, it works and saves your money anyway. lol Continue reading “Software Thanksgiving Giveaways 2015”

Microsoft Black Friday Shopping for Windows 10: 10 Days of 10 Cent Deals

As the Thanksgiving shopping season is around the corner, Microsoft has already launched Black Friday deals with “10 Days of 10 Cent sale” in the Windows Store. Starting from November 10, the great holiday deals offer huge discounts on blockbuster movies, hit songs, popular games and practical apps, charging only 10 cents for each. Continue reading “Microsoft Black Friday Shopping for Windows 10: 10 Days of 10 Cent Deals”

Microsoft’s Emotion Recognition Launched after How-Old

Do you remember, which can detect your age through photo by the tech of face API? It was a big fun when the tool recognized your age whether it was wrong or right. Now Microsoft developed a new tool to recognize your emotion. So how’s it? Continue reading “Microsoft’s Emotion Recognition Launched after How-Old”

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