Technology is the sign of advanced development, and it is the outcome of fantasy. A significant representative of fantasy in daily life nowadays is anime. The technologies in many animes or cartoons are so attractive that people would like them to be real. Here I will introduce 4 technologies in animes that are most desired.

The technology in Eden of the East, also the system name created  to recognize pictures whatever you throw to it is quite amazing. Although Google has the ability to recognize some pictures, it cannot show all the information about the images, and only some images can be recognized. It is true that this project requires huge data space and hyper-velocity calculating speed, which can be realized by Google.game_manwall_183342_m.jpg

AI in robots is now one of the main task for Robotics, while the technology is still of immaturity. To make an Android like Chi in Chobits would take some time. Definitely, the hero in Chobits is envied by many people. There is such a beautiful docile Android girl with Artificial Intelligence. She is no long a robot since she has feelings and thoughts. Besides, the skin is just as soft as real person.4aff289e27c8b80d78ee0.jpg

Energy resources like coal, natural gas and petroleum are not our final solution to keeps the society processing. With a GN Drive in Gundam OO, people would never worry about the massive loss of one-off energy day by day. GN Drive, abbreviated from Gundam Nucleus Drive, is the main power-plant of the Gundam in Gundam OO. Full explanation please check here>>9f7d30c.jpg

The last one is from the well-known Dragon Ball, named Capsule or DynoCaps. With it, you can bring any abiotic object like bike, car, house in some small Capsules with you. It would save you much effort for carrying large suitcase when go traveling and other situations.capsule.png

Certainly, there are many other technologies in animes are fairly wonderful. Hope there would be a day that these come true.

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