Do you remember, which can detect your age through photo by the tech of face API? It was a big fun when the tool recognized your age whether it was wrong or right. Now Microsoft developed a new tool to recognize your emotion. So how’s it?

Requirements to Recognize Your Emotion

It is almost the same as guessing age by the face in the image. Emotion Recognition identifies your emotion by the facial expression in a photo. And there are some requirements for the images:

  • Image resolution should be larger than or equal to 36×36 pixels.
  • Image file should be smaller than 4MB.
  • Image formats supported are JPEG, PNG, GIF, and also BMP.

Two Steps to Recognize Your Emotion

The steps are pretty easy as to upload an image and submit it. After the recognition is done, the result will shown on the blank section beside the picture. Also the result can be seen when the censor is on the image.


From the picture above, you can tell that there are eight kinds of emotions to be detected: anger, contempt, disgust, fear, happiness, neutral, sadness and surprise. The total result of eight emotions is 1, that is 100%. In the picture, you can find out that the second person from left has 99.9% of happiness and 0.1% of neutral.

Here are some tips that you many need to pay attention to:

  • It is said that the frontal and near-frontal faces can get the best result.
  • The result may not always be accurate because it is experimental.
  • It can’t recognize the emotion of fictional characters like The Hulk or Naruto.

Advanced Application of Emotion Recognition

Users can develop a completely new app based on the tech of Emotion APIs by subscribing a key from Microsoft. Hope there would be an interesting app based on Emotion Recognition in the future.

Moreover, Microsoft applied Face APIs into Windows 10, aiding you to unlock your PC.

Can’t wait to upload your photo and have a try? Just click here: